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Thanks for visiting the about page, and showing your interest to know what really is IndianThing.in

What is indianThing

IndianThing is a website built with a small crazy effort to let you indian fellows enjoy the awesomeness of being indian.

The site focuses on the things that makes you happy,

In this website you will find various images and media’s that will make your day go good from the bad.

Purpose of IndianThing

The primary goal of this website is to make you guys happy and bring laughter in you.

To keep you guys motivated and inspired and let you guys stay focused and follow your dreams.

Includes short films to portray the things that will give you goosebumps.

You can submit your arts, animations, short-films, GIF’s etc.

How does IndianThing benefit you

When you use or browse IndianThing,

Your mood turn from bad to good and lets all the worries disappear and helps you enjoy while you are using IndianThing.

You will get the right dose of laughter, motivation, inspiration, and much more.

How can you be a part of this website

Just register your self to IndianThing.in and start submitting the things you like.

Such as, Images, arts, animations, short-films, GIF’s etc and let all of india be entertained from you.

And hey,
We also give prizes for people who register and contribute to IndianThing.in

Once in a while we randomly pick a registered user and gift 10,000 rupees.

So lets just not waste any minute and get yourself registered and start contributing to IndianThing

Have a awesome day and keep smiling.